Monday, January 14, 2013

::UPDATE:: After A Near Death Motor Vehicle Accident A Year Ago, Julie McClure Has Come A Long Way

Many of you may remember one of our "Feel Better Campaign" recipients from last year, Julie McClure. She survived a life threatening motor vehicle accident on December 17, 2011, which came very close to taking her life. You can read more about her story HERE. We were very excited to receive an update from Julie recently and wanted to share it with all of you. This last year has been a long road for Julie and she has undergone too many surgeries to count but she is finally walking again and just beginning to continue with her goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. She is an amazing woman with great strength and determination.

Julie with her husband, Michael, last year

We donated our "Annie" gown to Julie as a part of our "Feel Better Campaign" and many of you also helped Julie by sending good thoughts and prayers and some made donations which allowed us to give Julie a second gown!!! She has loved her gowns and she recently wore them again for more surgeries to her arm and leg. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to heal from her injuries.  We hope you enjoy this little update from Julie as much as we did!! Keep up the great work Julie. You are an inspiration to us all!!

"Thank you for taking the time to follow up on my progress! I have thoroughly enjoyed your gowns! I got to use them again just a few weeks ago when I had another surgery on my left leg! I know I was the best dressed patient in that hospital!!! 

As far as my progress... In the last month I have had two more major surgeries. One on my leg and one on my elbow. I had been having trouble walking so they decided my leg had healed wrong and they needed to break it and reset it. Well when they got in there during the surgery they discovered the fracture just hadn't healed! They put in a rod and ever since then I have been gradually able to put more weight on it! I am almost to where I can walk some without my cane!"

Julie with her sweet niece to cheer her up!

"During my elbow surgery they had to free my impinged ulnar nerve and take out all the metal in my elbow because I couldn't move it at all! The surgery, although painful, was relatively successful. The doctor was pleased and expects a decent recovery of motion. I am diligently working to get my elbow moving!"

Julie holding up all the metal that was removed from her elbow!!
"It is a slow process but it is starting to move! I am currently working hard at physical therapy and elbow therapy three times a week to get stronger and stronger! I start back to work part time in January and hopefully I will also begin back to grad school to finish up my Nurse Practitioner schooling! Still praying that will work out!

Thanks for all your prayers they have meant so much!"

~ Julie McClure

You can continue to follow Julie's progress on a Facebook page that was set up for her last year here: Praying for the McClures and their families

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  1. I’m wishing all the best for Julie. Your update about her recovery is very inspiring. It only shows she’s a strong-willed woman. But there’s something I missed—what happened to the other party involved in the accident? Or does she seek some legal action regarding this matter? I’m hoping for her speedy recovery. Thanks!

    Amy Baron