Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This next giveaway comes from another very creative mom entrepreneur, Lara Kiniris. Her company is called "The Calligraphy Girl" because she specializes in calligraphy writing but it is so much more than that!! In addition to using her talents to address envelopes for special occasions, like weddings, she also creates works of art with her calligraphy, which she likes to call "word art". Her creations are beautiful and each piece is unique.

The Calligraphy Girl holds a special place in my heart because Lara created a beautiful cancer ribbon to celebrate my one year thyroid cancer anniversary, using words I chose to describe my journey from the beginning to becoming a cancer survivor.

I also had her create an Irish cross with the names of all the children, their spouses and grandchildren of my in-laws to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

The Calligraphy Girl has created cute calligraphy art to celebrate children like this cute baby bottle:

and a beautiful dress for the princess:

as well as a baseball or basketball for the sports lover:

Want to give a friend a unique present to celebrate a significant birthday?? Lara created this purse for one of our mom's best friends using words our mother chose to best describe her friend. How cute is this??!!

Or perhaps your friend is a shoe lover….

Lara's calligraphy art is amazing and unique and is sure to be a treasured gift for anyone. What I love most about Lara is that she is willing to try anything. You give her the object you want to make, along with the words you want to use, and she creates it!! I have had her create several things and she hasn't disappointed me yet.

So now for the best part……THE GIVEAWAY.  One winner will receive an 8x10 calligraphy "word art" piece from The Calligraphy Girl. She will work with you to create your special piece. Enter below and good luck!!

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