Thursday, September 19, 2013

Annie & Isabel Helps In Naming a Baby!

We always love a good Annie & Isabel story and this one melts our hearts! This new mother, Kimberly, gave birth to her beautiful daughter on September 6th. Read how she and her husband decided on the name for her daughter. Hope this story makes you smile as much as we did:-)

"As soon as we found out we were having a girl, my husband immediately came up with the name Evelyn and I added the name Grace to make it our perfect name. Although we loved the name, neither of us felt we could really commit to it 100% until we saw her! Multiple times we thought, "What if she comes and she's just not an Evelyn??"As the months went by, I began to second guess our name and told my husband we needed a back up "just in case". Starting that process wasn't easy and there wasn't ANY other name that we LOVED so much, so it felt like an overwhelming task. At around this time (August), my sister, Kristi, had prompted me to go to your site and pick my favorite gown as she had generously volunteered to buy me one for my shower."

Kimberly with sister, Kristi, on the left
"So I went to Annie & Isabel's website and was only paying attention to the patterns of the hospital gowns. I didn't even see that they were named! There was one that I felt "really spoke to me" with it's vibrant colors and pretty combination of pink, purples & orange. Of all the choices, I knew this pattern was the one and so I clicked on it. Low and behold it was named the "Evelyn".  I gasped and said out loud OMG it's a sign!!! From that moment on we 100% committed to our name and my precious Evelyn Grace came into our world on Friday, September 6th!"

"Putting my gown on really made me feel like myself again and gave me back the confidence to get out and walk around the hospital! I loved the compliments I got as well. It was a big hit with other new moms and the nursing staff! Thank you so much!!"

Welcome to the world Evelyn Grace and thank you to Kimberly's sister, Kristi, for keeping her sister comfortable and stylish in the hospital!!

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