Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday...Ready...Set...GO!!!

Happy December and Happy Cyber Monday! Every year, we rest up in preparation for our annual Cyber Monday sale! We always love the thrill of all the orders that roll in on this day! If you have been thinking about buying an Annie & Isabel designer hospital is the day! Being a small business, we can tell you, this is the ONLY day a year that we have a sale! 

As you probably know, the gift of an Annie & Isabel gown is sure to bring a smile to an expecting mama, a loved one with an upcoming surgery or hospital stay, someone who unfortunately endures frequent hospital visits, doctor appointments, radiation treatments, chiropractor visits, or acupuncture treatments. So many places you can avoid those icky gowns!

Tell them that you love them with the gift of their very OWN designer hospital gown! Say "no thank you" to the paper gown or gown worn by many!!

We went back and forth about holding our annual sale this year, because we are very low in the inventory of some of the smaller sizes. You may find that we are out of your favorite gown or size, so we would also like to honor our Cyber Monday discount on gift certificates {today only}! We are in production with a huge order of gowns, so if you are able to wait a few months for your gown, then purchase a gift certificate and redeem it in the near future. If you can't wait, and we don't have your favorite gown, we are truly sorry. 

To take advantage of this once a year offer - please use the code "CYBER" upon checkout for 30% off of your entire order. 

In other exciting news around Annie & Isabel HQ...We are beyond honored to be included in Sactown Magazine as one of five local "Cool Companies" featured in the December/January issue . When we started Annie & Isabel in 2009, we never could have imagined all the exciting moments we would experience as a result of this business. Having Sactown Magazine feature Annie & Isabel is definitely one of those moments, and will be remembered as the highlight of our 2013 year. If you live in the Sacramento area, you can pick up your copy of Sactown magazine at your local Raley's, Bel-Air, Nugget Market, Cort Bros., Safeway, Barnes & Noble, or Taylor's Market.

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