Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bump It Up - Mom's night out at the W San Francisco

We attended our first business networking event as "Annie & Isabel", the Bump It Up Mom's night out at W hotel SF. This event was a book launch for Amy Tara Koch, who wrote the book "Bump It Up", which is a style guide for women with baby bumps (or not if you ask me!) We first learned about this event when we stumbled upon Megan Calhoun, who founded In our quest to be more present on Twitter, we have connected with so many amazing women and moms....who knew??!! Megan, who is also a NorCal girl, founded TwitterMoms allowing there to be a place for moms everywhere to network and connect. There are over 25,000 members! We were really excited to meet Megan, as we are really new to this whole world of social networking! What an event she put on for her friend Amy! It was at the W Hotel in San Francisco. There were wonderful hors d'oeuvres (mmm.. mini burgers), pampering stations by Bliss Spa, Sprinkles cupcake (they honestly had our RSVP at Sprinkles!), a fun fashion show with Amy, and a raffle with amazing prizes, two being
Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns;)

Here we are with Megan Calhoun, founder of TwitterMoms

Here we are with Amy Tara Koch, author of Bump It Up
If you haven't already, check our her YouTube video below.. even if you aren't pregnant, she has some great style tips!

Some of the raffle prizes with our 5 gowns in the front

At the beginning of the event as the baby bellies began wandering in!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Our friend Katie getting pampered at Bliss

Our friend Stephanie and Anna filling up on Bliss goodies

Amy doing a fashion demo on how to "transform your pregnancy into the ultimate style statement"! Her first model was Victoria who was due in one week! She was really fun to talk to, as she was about to have her second son. We loved talking about boys and how much fun they are. She even has the same OB as Selena when she lived in SF. I'm sure she had her baby by now and hope she is home doing well with her boys! Check out Amy's YouTube Video at the end of our post and learn about the pregnancy "uniform".

Britax was a sponsor of the event and gave away a car seat and stroller system as the grand prize of the raffle. We were so excited that our friend Stephanie was able to join us just 3 weeks after giving birth to her son Constantine (testimonial coming soon;). She was able to feed the baby and escape for about one hour...she even put on mascara!!!! We were all so impressed! Well, she had a great one hour.. she stocked up on Bliss products and other goodies....and then won the grand prize!!!! We couldn't believe it! She grabbed her loot... loaded it into the car.. and jetted off to feed the little guy!

This is Smruti, one winner of our Annie & Isabel hospital gowns. Smruti will look amazing in our Anita gown in just about a month!

OK, we are ready to eat our Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcakes... Saved up all week for this!!!

Our dear friend Katie, who taught Selena the "stance"... which she clearly needs some work on that posture! Thanks Katie for all your networking skills:) One day we will hire you!!!

Our friend Cindy relaxing before the drive home in her fun coat! Cindy owns InVision 3D/4D Ultrasound in Folsom. She is so lucky because she gets to peek in on little ones all day long. She truly loves her work and if you want to have a really special experience when you are pregnant, you should call her! On our drive to SF, she received a frantic call from a mom-to-be who had just left her 20 week U/S and they could not find the gender. She called her employee and they fit the woman in 30 minutes... it was 5:30pm!!! I would totally be that girl calling frantically! Cindy is also starting a great line of clothing called Strong Mama.. more to come about that later!

Here is Amy Tara Koch
Do you have the uniform?


  1. Looks like a wonderful event. Wish I could have joined you. Love "the uniform"! Great style tips.