Sunday, June 20, 2010

Second time around.. this new Mommy was comfortable and stylish!!

We just received an amazing testimonial from Stephanie about her experience in our Annie & Isabel hospital gowns! Sometimes, you have to experience being in the hospital once, to realize how much better labor can be in your own A&I gown the second time. Every gown we send out, we wonder if it helped someone and what their experience was.. if it is for an upcoming birth or for someone battling illness in the hospital. So much love has gone into the creation of Annie & Isabel, that when we get a testimonial like this one... it makes all our hard work to get this company off the ground worth it. We feel so complete that we helped someone feel more comfortable in a place that sometimes is anything but.

Click here to read her testimonial and see her beautiful pictures. Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to write to us, especially with your new life of being a Mom of two! We appreciate it SO much~

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