Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Proud New Mom Celebrates The Birth Of Her Daughter In Her PINK Annie and Isabel Designer Hospital Gown!

Introducing baby Emilyn and her mommy Loraine... 
in The Annie Gown

Loraine received an Annie & Isabel designer hospital gown at her baby shower. We keep hearing from our customers that the gift of an Annie & Isabel gown is always the "hit gift" and "talk of the shower"! Who doesn't want to make a mom-2-be feel comfortable, stylish, and celebrated on that special day? Loraine received our Anita gown, but knew she was having a baby girl and wanted to go all out with our pink Annie gown for her upcoming birth! Baby Emilyn is absolutely precious and Loraine looks beautiful in her Annie gown! Here is what she said about her experience, 

"Thanks for being so accommodating with my gown exchange. I truly enjoyed the personal service you provided ~ even down to the pre-washing my new gown in baby friendly detergent! You went the extra mile to ensure that I would truly enjoy my Annie and Isabel hospital gown... and I did! It was so much cuter and easier to feed the baby in than the frumpy hospital issued gowns. Thanks again!


  1. Thanks for dropping by from SITS. The gowns are really cute, which I'd known about them when I was in the hospital

  2. What a wonderful idea! I wish I had owned one of these when I was birthing my bambinos. :)

    Thank you for stopping by TPH this week!