Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This New Mom Rocked her Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown for Labor, Delivery & Recovery!!!

We always love when we get an order from someone who is excited to gift one of our Annie & Isabel hospital gowns to a friend for the delivery of their baby.  It is such a fun, unique gift to give a friend that is sure to bring a smile to their face.  We received a nice testimonial from Corina, who delivered her first baby recently.  She received her "Anita" designer hospital gown from her good friend Jenn.

Here is Jenn with Corina.  Jenn didn't want Corina to wear this dreadful, oversized standard hospital gown...........

 Jenn and Corina in the early stages of labor - love the starbucks!!

So she gave Corina the "Anita" gown for a more comfortable, stylish delivery:

Corina getting excited to bring her baby boy into the world!!

Trying to get labor moving faster.......and texting:-)

Proud mama with baby Chase.  He was born a healthy 7lbs 5oz after 16 hours of labor

Corina was able to enjoy her designer hospital gown for her labor, delivery and recovery!!  Here is what she had to say about her experience:

"The gown was great!  It was very comfortable and a size small fit perfectly.  I received compliments all day from staff, visitors and other moms.  I liked the pockets and the option to snap or tie the gown at the neck.  The gown was great for recovery as well and made nursing much easier compared to regular clothes.  I will be wearing my gown again at my next delivery."

Congratulations Corina!!  Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood.  Thanks to Jenn, too,  for keeping your good friend comfortable and stylish throughout her hospital stay.

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