Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Private Practice" Thursdays!!

So it's Thursday!!  Thursdays have taken on a whole new meaning for Annie & Isabel.  In our minds, Thursdays are now "Private Practice Thursdays"!!  As many of our fans know, our "Isabel" designer hospital gown has appeared on abc's, "Private Practice" several times......FOUR to be exact!

The Isabel designer hospital gown seems to be THE gown for Private Practices' Seaside Wellness Center:

We can't help but get SO excited when we see our Isabel gown on national television.  The best part is that we never know when it will show up!!!  We watch Private Practice each week in anticipation that our gown just might make an appearance on the show.

Since we have so much fun watching Private Practice, we wanted you to have fun too!  For all you Private Practice fans and even for those who aren't.....tune into Private Practice at 10pm on Thursdays on abc.  If you see our Isabel designer hospital gown during the show, post on our FACEBOOK  wall that you saw it and you will be entered to win a gift certificate for 50% off one of our hospital gowns!!  If the gown appears on the show we will count all posts appearing on our wall until 10pm the next day, Friday, PST.  We will then choose one lucky winner for the gift certificate.

Have fun (we know we will) and keep your fingers crossed for more Annie & Isabel sightings on Private Practice!!

We will repeat this contest every week that a new Private Practice show is on. The contest is limited to  U.S. residents only.

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