Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ellen's "Baby Meets City" in The Annie Designer Hospital Gown!

New York City mom blogger Ellen welcomes her second daughter in the Annie designer hospital gown!  

Here is what Ellen said about wearing an Annie & Isabel hospital gown for such a special occasion, 

"I absolutely loved wearing my "Annie" hospital gown as we welcomed our new daughter, Vivian Ella, into the world. And not just because it was pink!  So much of the hospital experience is uncomfortable -- from the gowns given upon arrival to the bed you're expected to sleep in.  It was such a pleasure to wear something bright and beautiful (yet comfy!) as I shared our precious daughter with friends and family who came to visit."

You can learn more about Ellen on her blog "baby meets city" where she writes about juggling motherhood and her darling daughters in New York City. 

Thank you to Ellen for the beautiful picture and testimonial! 

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