Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Husband's Gift of an Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gown

There is nothing more sweet than when a husband buys his wife an Annie & Isabel hospital gown for the upcoming birth of their child. It is one of the best "push presents" he can give because it provides his lovely wife the gift of comfort, style and beauty during a time when she might not exactly feel that way!  We hear time and time again from new mothers that our gowns made them feel so beautiful and we LOVE that!! Thanks to all of the hubbies out there who support Annie & Isabel and in turn support their wives. 

This proud husband, Dino, purchased the "Annie" designer hospital gown for his wife, Katie, and here is what Katie had to say about her experience:

"I wanted to thank you so much for creating such great gowns.  I wore the Annie Gown during my birth to my beautiful daughter Sophia.  Whan an awesome gown!  It was so nice after a long labor to take a shower and put on this comfortable gown that made me feel beautiful.  I love how easy it was to breastfeed my daughter and how easy it was to cover up too when people came to visit.  After being in the same maternity wear for so many months it was great to put on my own personal gowns.  I can't tell you all the compliments I got from nurses and staff about how awesome they thought this gown was.  I can't wait until I can wear it again or maybe I will try one of the other beautiful patterns for the next delivery."

Congratulations Dino & Katie...Sophia is so sweet!

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