Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kirsten Enjoyed Her Anita Hospital Gown After a Quick Delivery!

A wonderful testimonial from Kirsten. She shared with us such sweet pictures of her daughter looking so proud to be a big sister! We love to hear from women who have worn our gowns. Thanks Kirsten!

"Our little boy was born on March 11th. He came into the world in a hurry and I didn't have my gown on for the actual birth. But, I can honestly say that putting on my gown a couple hours after he was born was wonderful! It made me feel refreshed and beautiful. It was just so nice to wear something that was clean and hadn't been worn by complete strangers. I received many compliments on it from all my nurses and also from family members who came to visit me. I loved that it covered everything that needed covering and the pocket was perfect for keeping my chapstick handy! My gown will always be a part of my memories of the wonderful day our son was born. Thank you so much!"
~Kirsten, California

Speaking of quick deliveries... We have a GREAT guest post this Thursday {in honor of Father's Day} from Charlie, from HowtoBeaDad.com. Birth stories are pretty funny coming from a Dad's point of view. You won't want to miss it... Here is an intro from Charlie about their site. We have really enjoyed following How to be a Dad and hope you will too! You can find them on Facebook and Twitter too.

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