Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chris Welcomes Daughter in Her Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gown

This is Chris who recently welcomed her second daughter Olivia. Thank you Chris for sharing all these wonderful pictures of your delivery day wearing the Annie gown! You look gorgeous and we are so happy you enjoyed celebrating another baby girl with our pink designer hospital gown!

Here is what Chris had to say about her experience wearing an Annie & Isabel designer hospital gown,

"My girlfriend was my labor and delivery nurse and when she first came into the room she immediately commented on how cute my "Annie" gown was and then made me promise that when she has a baby... I'll get her one!! The delivery of my second child was filled with excitement and challenges. My delivery was less than 2 hours, but my recovery was over 10. Due to the circumstances, I was unable to shower until after 9pm. Throughout that time, I was happily wearing my Annie & Isabel gown. While I hated not being able to clean up, I loved that I was in something that was mine. I was able to be comfortable moving between rooms, between care takers, and unexpected visitors because I had full coverage! I loved that I could breastfeed without problems and that I had a bit of fashion while waiting to clean up! I hope I don't have to use my hospital gown for medical purposes in the future, but I'm appreciative to know that if I was ever to be admitted to the hospital, I'd have my own comfortable, back covering, super cute gown to bring with me. Thank you so much for designing such a wonderful product." 



  1. These are terrific! Wish I had one when I was in the delivery room!

  2. This is great and love the idea... I wish I had one too when I was delivery room... and I am visiting from SITS...