Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Evelyn Gown

We are excited to announce our second gown, The Evelyn Gown. Click on the "Naming of the Gowns" under the home page to read about the story behind this special gown!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Annie & Isabel blog!!!

Thank you for visiting the Annie & Isabel blog. This is the place where we would like to share news with all of you about our company, the things we are up to and what is to come in the future. We also envision this blog to be a place to tell stories about the people who wear our gowns. These stories may range from the woman struggling with a new diagnosis to the mother experiencing the miracle of the birth of her child. We want people to be inspired by these stories.

As nurses, we feel honored and proud to be in this profession. We are privileged to go to work every day in the hospital and help people who are often so vulnerable. For us, these gowns are a way to make patients feel more dignified, respected and beautiful. It is a small way in which patients can stay in control of their hospital experience and feel unique. We can't wait to get our gowns out into the world to bring a smile to those patients who wear them as well as the doctors and nurses that take care of these patients. We promise that any patient wearing these gowns will be the talk of the hospital staff!!!