Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Our next giveaway comes from a very creative mompreneur, Amanda Lowell, of Blocks of Love!  Amanda creates decorative blocks for your home, office, or for a special person in your life to cherish. We recently gifted our Mom a very special Blocks of Love for Mother's day that she proudly displays in her kitchen to show off her eight grandsons.

Amanda's beautiful blocks also make amazing gifts for anyone. She makes blocks for teachers, mothers, fathers, holidays, and weddings, and new babies to name a few. The blocks below are an example of one she did for a newly married couple.

Here are a few of her fun holiday blocks:

Blocks of Love can pretty much create blocks for any occasion and will always be a very unique gift that will brighten a space in anybody's home.

Since we have many pregnant mothers who buy our designer hospital gowns for the birth of their babies, we thought it would be fun to give away a block called the {Labor of Love} block to celebrate the new little boy or girl in your life.  Below are examples of boy and girl blocks she has created.  Wouldn't these be cute to hang in your new little one's room?! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{GIVEAWAY} POO POURRI ~ Because Everybody Does It

If you remember from our "Hospital Bag Essentials" giveaways, one of the most important items on our Hospital Bag Checklist {in our humble nursing opinion} was a toilet spray called Poo-Pourri. Yep...a toilet spray! Hey, we ARE nurses... so, we can talk about #2 and we definitely can tell you about something we wish everyone knew about, if you know what we mean.

If you have not heard of Poo-Pouri...get ready for a life changing product. These environmentally friendly toilet sprays are not only perfect to pack on your way to the hospital {you don't want to be the start of a CODE BROWN rumor}...but, especially great to carry in your purse for a unexpected trip to the bathroom at work or a friends home. All you have to do is "spritz the bowl before-you-go and no one else will ever know!"

Poo-Pourri carries a variety of sprays, but here a few to make you smile,
  • Loo-Pourri ~ A Preemptive Bathroom Scent With a Touch of Elegance
  • No. 2 ~ Spray the Loo Before No.2 and No One Will Ever Have a Clue!
  • De'ja' Poo ~ You've Been Here Before, but Now with A Scent you Adore!
  • Royal Flush ~ Great Washroom Scents for all Distinguished Gents!
  • Heaven Scent ~ Celestial Freshness That's Fit for Kings - With Every Flush an Angel Get's It's Wings!
We are giving away the following Poo-Pourri items:

Two Poo Pourri Gift Sets which include a roll of toilet paper and 2oz bottle of bathroom spray. We will also including another 4oz bottle of bathroom spray to each set for a total value approx $30 each. The set looks like the picture below:

We will also be giving away 3 separate bottles of spray to some lucky winners. 

There will be 5 winners for this giveaway, plus, if you "LIKE" the post on our Facebook page we will randomly draw 3 more winners for a travel size spray that you can carry in your purse!!

Good Luck and here is your easy entry!!! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our friends at Poo-Pourri have generously sponsored this giveaway, but all opinions in this post our ours and we love love their products. If you would like to purchase your own Poo-Pourri please shop their website HERE.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Prayers Needed as Britney Receives Life Saving Stem Cell Transplant Tomorrow!!

Once again we are asking for everyone to send some good thoughts, prayers, and love to Britney (pictured below). She will be undergoing a stem cell transplant tomorrow morning to hopefully save her life! All hopes are that this transplant will provide a re-birth for Britney and we would love it if you would all leave messages of strength and encouragement on our Facebook post and/or on this blog post to help get her through this difficult journey!

Britney is 32 years old and has a rare condition called, Systemic Sclerosis or Diffuse Scleroderma. She has a very aggressive form of this disease which has caused her a lot of pain and suffering along with stealing over 50% of her lung function. In Britney's case, this disease is basically turning her skin and internal organs into stone. Diffuse Scleroderma is a progressive auto-immune disease which can sometimes have a prognosis of only 5-7 years from diagnosis. Britney has taken medications to fight off many symptoms and to help slow down the disease, but now she is in need of this stem-cell transplant to save her life.

We found out about Britney because some of Britney's great friends purchased the Annie gown to brighten her long hospital stay.  They picked the perfect gown for Britney! As the card that comes with this gown states, our great-grandmother, Annie, lived to be 98 years old, and was spunky, selfless, and fun…..qualities it seems that Britney shares.  We wish for you a long life, like that of our great-grandma Annie :-)

PLEASE watch this beautiful video of Britney explaining her diagnosis and her journey towards transplant. You will see what an amazingly strong person Britney is and why she needs the help of family, friends, and strangers to lift her up and encourage her through this difficult journey. 

Britney….you have a lot of loving people behind you and we know you are going to win this battle. Tomorrow, think of all of us singing "Happy Birthday To You" as you receive those cells that will restore you to better health!!. STAY STRONG AND FIGHT HARD BRITNEY!!