Friday, February 21, 2014

New Mother Amy in "The Annie" Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gown

A beautiful testimonial from Amy about wearing her Annie designer hospital gown for the birth of her first child.

"I have given Annie & Isabel gowns to a bunch of my friends as gifts, and was thrilled when it was my turn to receive and wear one!  It was comfortable, cute and functional. I gave birth to Charlotte in Switzerland and I was definitely the most stylish new mom during my 5-day hospital stay.  (Yes, 5 days....that's Europe for you!)"

Amy & Charlotte, born May 29, 2012

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mom of 2 Boys Celebrates Birth Of Baby Girl In Her "Annie" Designer Hospital Gown

As we have been reflecting  and collecting pictures of all the beautiful women who wore our hospital gowns in 2013, we stumbled upon this testimonial and had to share it with all of you! 

"Being a mom of two boys, I was sprinkled with everything blue. When we found out we were expecting a baby girl you can only imagine how crazy we went with pink! One of my favorite gifts was from a dear college friend, Jill - it was a designer pink and black polka dot Annie & Isabel gown. I was so excited to wear this on the day I was going to meet my daughter! I felt feminine, comfortable, fashionable and clean. All the nurses at Stanford complimented me on the gown and couldn't believe how darling it was. They kept saying I shouldn't walk around the hallways because all the other moms delivering would get jealous! 

I will never forget those first moments cradling our new daughter, Grace, in my arms wearing the Annie and Isabel gown. Thank you for being a part of the most important day of my life!


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