Monday, January 30, 2012

{FINAL GIVEAWAY} Hospital Bag Essentials :: The Bag + More

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We've had so much fun introducing our "Hospital Bag Essentials" list to all of you over these past weeks. We had every intention of wrapping up our giveaways shortly after the holidays, but as many of you threw us a few curve balls. We are so thankful for all of your support and well wishes. 

All the items on our essentials list are things that we, as registered nurses, know will make your hospital stay more comfortable, but often can be overlooked {see list below}. We have given away all the major items on our list and now we are going to offer you something FABULOUS to put them in. One last giveaway and this time there will be four chances to win! 

Meet Morris + Terry. 

Morris Terry is a local and sustainable lifestyle brand of stylish athletic and yoga wear. What especially attracted us to Morris Terry {besides their fab tie die pants and chic hoodies} is that they give back to our community. 100% of all sales of their MTX cotton canvas gym bag {pictured above} is donated to support foster youth in Sacramento. They recently were featured in People Magazine's StyleWatch 2012 and SELF Magazine. 






-LIKE Annie & Isabel on Facebook and post on our wall your choice : MTX Gym Bag or MTX Pullover {posting on our wall gets you entered}

-LIKE Morris Terry on Facebook and post on their wall telling them Annie & Isabel sent you. If you post on their wall they will pick one person to win a $40 gift card to their shop at the close of our giveaway. Their comfy and stylish pants are calling your name, right?!


-TWITTER: follow @annieandisabel and tweet "Just entered an @annieandisabel #giveaway for fab @morristerry_MTX bag & pullover ENTER-->"


-JUST "like" our post on Facebook about this giveaway and we will enter you into a drawing for a $30 gift certificate to our shop.


**Giveaway is open to US residents only and winner will be picked at random. We were not compensated for this post and we chose to feature Morris Terry in our Hospital Bag Essentials Giveaways because we love their products and their mission. 

Hospital Bag Essentials 
Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown{s}
Flip Flops {For Showers & The Not-So-Clean Hospital Floors}
Comfy Socks {Preferably With Grippers}
Journal/Notebook {For Questions, Test Results, & Plan}
Shower Gel/Soap & Loofa
Room Spray
Cell Phone, Charger, Sound Dock & Your Favorite Playlist
Lip Balm/Gloss
Favorite Pillow & Blanket
Hard Candy/Gum/Snacks 
Morris Terry Bag {giveaway 1/30 - 2/5 midnight PST} 

    Friday, January 27, 2012


    This is a post that I never imagined I would be writing. I don’t even really know how to explain it so I am just going to say it……I HAVE THYROID CANCER. I found out January 20, 2012…a day I will never forget. I’m sure every cancer patient can remember the day they were told they have cancer.

    The day was a tough day all around. My sister, Selena, had just lost her mother-in-law to a terrible cancer at the young age of 67. We were all very close to her and she was also like a grandmother to my children.  Our family drove from Sacramento to Fresno (about a 3 hour drive) to be with Selena and her husband for the funeral. As I sat at her funeral, in awe of what an amazing woman she was, I wondered to myself what my fate would be. I'm only 41 years old, but these are the kinds of things you start thinking about when someone you love dies of cancer at such a young age.  Would I live a normal healthy life watching my four young boys grow, get married and have children of their own? Or….would I be faced with a diagnosis of cancer someday that might alter this path?

    Ironically, and unfortunately, my question would be answered sooner rather than later. We drove back home from Fresno that day and rolled into town around 6pm. I had just answered a phone call from an Annie & Isabel customer when, at 6:30pm, my surgeon, who had removed the right side of my thyroid on January 11, 2012, called.

    The words swiftly fell from his mouth…. “The pathology on your thyroid is back and you have cancer". I know it didn’t come out quite as harshly as that and he spent a lot of time talking with me over the phone, but the main thing I heard was “YOU HAVE CANCER”.

    All the while, my husband was in another room getting dinner ready to put on the table and was completely unaware of the news I was taking in at that time.  So you can imagine when I came around the corner sobbing, it took him completely by surprise.  I cried like a baby the second I hung up the phone and fell into his arms. My children witnessed this too. My 8 year old later told me, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cry mommy” and, really, he should never HAVE to see me cry like that!!

    You see….I never for a second believed I would have thyroid cancer. My thyroid was removed due to the continued growth of a nodule in which I had two prior benign biopsies over the last four years. The cruel thing is that this particular type of cancer is nearly impossible to diagnose with biopsies.

    While this has rocked my world over the last week, I have a lot to be grateful for:

    * Thyroid cancer is one of the most curable cancers and most people do really well after treatment.

    * The treatment itself is so much easier than treatments for other types of cancers.

    * I have an amazing family to support me.

    * I couldn't ask for a more supportive, loving husband to give me strength during this time.

    * I have 4 beautiful boys that provide wonderful distractions for me.

    * I have amazing friends and a wonderful school community that have already wrapped their arms around me.

    * I get to show off my Annie & Isabel hospital gowns for a second surgery (ok…maybe I’m not so grateful for more surgery but the gowns are a plus!)

    * I have a great surgeon who I know will take good care of me.

    I want to thank everyone for all their support. I am amazed and overwhelmed with so many wonderful people that have started praying for me and my family and have offered to help in any way needed. I am truly blessed.  This whole experience is very surreal, unbelievable and scary but I know I can get through it!!

    You know…..sometimes the game of life throws us a curve ball. I just want CANCER to know: I PLAN TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND HIT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!!!! I’m a pretty good athlete too so you don’t stand a chance against me!

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Beautiful Allisun & Baby Charlie in the "Annie" Designer Hospital Gown

    It's been awhile since we posted a testimonial because we have been caught up with our "Hospital Bag Essentials"giveaways. We have one more giveaway coming stay tuned!

    Today's testimonial comes from Allisun who wore our "Annie" designer hospital gown. She took advantage of our partnership with Brenda Bisharat Photography and I think you'll agree......these pictures are adorable!!!  Meet the beautiful Allisun with her baby girl Charlie.

    "I loved wearing my gorgeous Annie and Isabel hospital gown when I had my baby... It was comfortable, BEAUTIFUL, and covered more than the traditional hospital gowns. Thank you so much for developing such a unique product!!"
    Allisun ~ Sacramento, CA

    Thanks for such a nice testimonial Allisun.  Be on the lookout for our giveaway via FACEBOOK. If you have worn or gifted an Annie & Isabel gown and want to share your story, we would LOVE to hear from you. Please email us at

    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    "Private Practice" Thursdays!!

    So it's Thursday!!  Thursdays have taken on a whole new meaning for Annie & Isabel.  In our minds, Thursdays are now "Private Practice Thursdays"!!  As many of our fans know, our "Isabel" designer hospital gown has appeared on abc's, "Private Practice" several times......FOUR to be exact!

    The Isabel designer hospital gown seems to be THE gown for Private Practices' Seaside Wellness Center:

    We can't help but get SO excited when we see our Isabel gown on national television.  The best part is that we never know when it will show up!!!  We watch Private Practice each week in anticipation that our gown just might make an appearance on the show.

    Since we have so much fun watching Private Practice, we wanted you to have fun too!  For all you Private Practice fans and even for those who aren't.....tune into Private Practice at 10pm on Thursdays on abc.  If you see our Isabel designer hospital gown during the show, post on our FACEBOOK  wall that you saw it and you will be entered to win a gift certificate for 50% off one of our hospital gowns!!  If the gown appears on the show we will count all posts appearing on our wall until 10pm the next day, Friday, PST.  We will then choose one lucky winner for the gift certificate.

    Have fun (we know we will) and keep your fingers crossed for more Annie & Isabel sightings on Private Practice!!

    We will repeat this contest every week that a new Private Practice show is on. The contest is limited to  U.S. residents only.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    {GIVEAWAY} Bumble & Bumble

    Ready for another giveaway??!!  We've really enjoyed sharing items that we think can help make your hospital stay more bearable.  There are many more items than the ten that we are highlighting and we will fill you in on those at the end of our giveaways.  Now on to our 9th item on the list....

    You should NEVER have a hospital stay without some great shampoo and conditioner for your hair.  When you are sick in the hospital or ready to get cleaned up after having that beautiful baby there is nothing that makes you feel better than a nice shower.  Let's face it women....having our hair feel and smell good can also do a body good!!!  That is why 9th on our Hospital Bag Essentials list is Bumble & Bumble's Quenching Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque set.

    We feel everyone should pack some of their favorite shampoo and conditioner because it can really help lift your spirits when you might not be feeling so glamorous in the hospital.  We purchased this boxed set because it happens to be one of our favorites when choosing to spoil ourselves every now and then.  Don't you think the packaging is fab too??!!

    So 9th on our Hospital Bag Essential List......Bumble & Bumble Shampoo & Conditioner

    1. Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown - giveaway closed
    2. Your Own Shower gel, Loofa, Lotion & Lip Gloss Balm - giveaway closed
    3. Comfy Socks - giveaway closed
    4. Journal or Notebook - giveaway closed
    5. Flip Flops - giveaway closed
    6. Smart Phone, Sound Dock & Favorite Playlist - giveaway closed
    7. Room Spray like Poo Pourri - giveaway closed
    8. Swaddle Designs Baby & Adult Swaddle Blankets - giveaway closed
    9. Your favorite shampoo & conditioner - enter via this post
    10. ??

    To enter this giveaway you can do ONE or ALL of the following:

    1.  LIKE Annie & Isabel on FACEBOOK AND LIKE this giveaway post on FACEBOOK

    2.  Share the FACEBOOK giveaway post by hitting the blue "Share" button underneath the post. This will post it on your wall and say:

     "Go LIKE Annie & Isabel on Facebook. They sell designer hospital gowns for anyone having to spend time in the hospital and are having a great giveaway today so go enter now!!"

    3.  Tweet "Check out the great giveaway @annieandisabel is having and enter now-> "

    If you share the facebook post, please comment on this post or on the facebook thread that you did as not all shares are visible to us.

    This giveaway will end at midnight PST on Friday, January 20th.  GOOD LUCK and remember........

    *Giveaway is open to US residents only and winners will be picked randomly. We were not compensated for this post and we chose to feature Bumble & Bumble in our Hospital Bag Essentials list

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    {GIVEAWAY} Swaddle Baby, Swaddle Me!!

    We are very excited to resume our giveaways this week!!  We have a few more giveaways up our sleeves for our "Hospital Bag Essentials List" and todays giveaway comes from another company that we LOVE.

    Many of you may be familiar with Swaddle Designs as they have THE best baby swaddle blankets.  I used these with my babies and they saved me!!!  My babies were the ULTIMATE swaddle babies.

    These swaddles are genius and it's no wonder.  The owner, Lynette Damir, is a registered nurse.  She came up with the inspiration for her company during her professional work of visiting families with new babies and noticing they often had difficulty learning how to swaddle their babies.  She realized their was a huge need to develop a blanket that made it easy to swaddle a baby with little thinking or effort required and that is exactly what she did.

    So...our first giveaway from Swaddle Design is a Swaddle Duo pictured below.

    We didn't want babies to be the only ones spoiled, however, so we purchased one of Swaddle Designs' Adult Swaddle Wraps to give away!!  Doesn't this look luxurious??

    This is great for anyone having to spend time in the hospital from new moms to those battling an illness or recovering from surgery.  It's even great if you aren't having to spend time in the hospital....who doesn't love to be snuggled up in a nice comfortable soft blanket??!!  These come in lots of fun colors and the winner will get to choose their preferred color.

    So 8th on our Hospital Bag Essentials List.....Swaddle Designs baby & adult wraps:

    1.  Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown - giveaway closed
    2.  Your Own Shower gel, Loofa, Lotion & Lip Gloss/Balm - giveaway closed
    3.  Comfy Socks - giveaway closed
    4.  Journal or Notebook - giveaway closed
    5.  Flip Flops - giveaway closed
    6.  Smart Phone, Sound Dock & Favorite Playlist - giveaway closed
    7.  Room Spray like Poo Pourri - giveaway closed
    8.  Swaddle Designs Baby & Adult Swaddle Blankets - enter via this post
    9.   ?
    10. ?

    To enter this giveaway you can do ONE or ALL of the following:

    1.  Like Annie & Isabel on FACEBOOK AND like this giveaway post on FACEBOOK

    2.  Hit the "Share" button under this giveaway post on FACEBOOK to share on your own facebook wall and say "Go like Annie & Isabel on facebook and enter this great giveaway from Swaddle Designs!!"

    3.  Tweet "Enter a great giveaway from @annieandisabel for some @SwaddleDesigns baby&adult blankets"

    This contest will end at midnight PST on Tuesday, January 10th.  Good luck and happy swaddling...for little ones or yourself and remember........

    *Giveaway is open to only US residents and winners will be picked randomly. We were not compensated for this post and we chose to feature Swaddle Designs in our Hospital Bag Essentials list. We were given the Swaddle Duo from Swaddle Designs to share with our readers.