Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Mother Fighting Hard After Heartbreaking Diagnosis

Two weeks ago we shared with you the story of Emily, whose mother passed away before she received her Annie & Isabel designer hospital gowns. Emily chose to donate the gowns to other well deserving women who were going through some life challenges. The first gown was donated to Jaime, who is battling cervical cancer.  You can read about Emily and Jaime here : "Passing Along The Love".

Yesterday we learned of a beautiful new mother who was diagnosed with brain cancer just two days after giving birth to her baby boy. Tammy was 5 months pregnant when doctors discovered she had a small tumor in her brain. They planned on waiting until after her baby was born to surgically remove the tumor, however, a few months later, Tammy started having more severe headaches. Another MRI was performed which showed that her tumor had grown by over 50% from the previous MRI. It was determined that Tammy needed to have surgery sooner rather than later. Tammy delivered a healthy baby boy on March 20th via c-section and two days later went in for surgery to remove her brain tumor. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to completely remove her tumor and the pathology came back that the tumor was an aggressive form of cancer called atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer due to the fact that it had already spread within the brain and to her spine.

Tammy after surgery to remove part of her brain tumor

Tammy has been in the hospital since the birth of her baby, receiving chemotherapy and radiation. She has been unable to walk during this time but she has maintained a positive attitude and a will to fight as you can see from the beautiful smile in all these pictures.

Tammy showing off her sweet baby after a radiation treatment

Tammy is twenty-eight years old and needs as many thoughts and prayers sent her way to help her continue to fight through her treatments and kick cancer!

Tammy with her husband and newborn baby boy

When we heard about Tammy, we knew she would be the perfect person to receive the second hospital gown that Emily donated. Due to Emily's generosity, we will be able to help brighten Tammy's hospital stays a little more with our "Anita" hospital gown. Tammy picked out the Anita hospital gown herself and we think it is just perfect for her.  

The card that comes with our Anita gown says "May home always be your comfort". Our wish for Tammy is that she may become cancer free and soon enjoy the comforts of her own home!

Tammy, we are sending thoughts and prayers your way. Hold on tight to your sweet baby boy, your loving husband and family, and fight hard. Hopefully you can find strength from the many people that are already sending prayers your way.