Friday, December 28, 2012

The Comfort of an Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown for Surgery

At the end of September,  we received an email from a customer wanting to purchase a gown for an upcoming surgery. The surgery was just a few days away and she knew she would need to be hospitalized for a few days and wanted something more comfortable and stylish to recover in after surgery. She chose to recover in our "Susan" gown.  

There are some customers that we just can't stop thinking about once we send out their gown and Estrellita was one of those customers. She told us in an email that her surgery would be more complicated because she has a severe allergy to anesthesia medications......not something you want to be allergic to when you  need surgery! We sent good thoughts her way on surgery day and followed up with an email to her about a week later.We couldn't help but worry when we didn't hear right back from her. She finally emailed us, a week later, with the great news that the surgery was a success and that she had just required a few more days to recover than expected!!! That is the kind of news we like to hear:-)

We hope you continue to feel great and enjoy those cute boys of yours Estrellita!!!  

Following is a nice testimonial that Estrellita sent to us:

"Customer service was amazing!! I was so touched by your kindness and your fast response. I received my gown quickly and it surpassed my expectations. My Annie and Isabel gown is beautiful, and it really lifted my spirits when I got to put it on after my surgery! My nurses LOVED the gown and said they noticed a spring to my step and lift in my energy when I put it on. I felt better when I LOOKED BETTER! =D Thank you so much! My friend will be having surgery soon, and I will be getting her a gown! In addition, it looks like there are more abdominal surgeries in my future, so I will have my cute gown to help me thru each time...Thank you for your advice, prayers, excellent customer service, and kindness!" ~ Estrellita