Friday, September 24, 2010

Annie & Isabel Makes New Connections

We have had the privilege to connect with so many amazing mothers who are running their own businesses like we are. We were SO not expecting the networking and connections that came with social media outlets. Through Twitter, we stumbled upon a great website for mompreneurs called MarketMommies. Toni Bloomfield, who runs MarketMommies, has rapidly created the largest directory of mom owned businesses featuring over 1,400! After the birth of her first child, she realized that many moms were leaving their careers to chase their dreams of starting their own businesses....many inspired by the ins and outs of motherhood. She single handedly created this amazing directory and offers it for FREE to mom centered businesses! Yes, you read that right, free marketing and a wealth of information and support! She highlights mom owned businesses and their blogs on her own website, Facebook fan page, and Twitter page. Toni has been a huge inspiration to us as we travel along our exciting journey. Toni recently appeared on an Ohio television news program called Good Day Columbus. She presented our Annie & Isabel designer hospital gowns as one of the five products she suggested as being perfect baby shower gifts. We are so appreciative that she believes in our product as much as we do. Next time you are in need of a present, you should definitely look at for innovative products and wonderful companies to support!

Tracy Bennett

Through Marketmommies, we met Tracy Bennett, an independent stylist for Stella & Dot. I had "liked" Stella & Dot on Facebook not really knowing about the company but just as an admirer of their pretty jewelry. Tracy lives in Texas and told me she was coming to San Francisco for her annual Stella & Dot conference Hoopla and said she would love to coordinate a Stella & Dot party for all of our friends. I just heard.... "night away from our kids and lives"... and the amazing jewelry was a big bonus! I immediately thought let's do it in San Francisco and REALLY get away! We ordered our favorite Kara's cupcakes, enjoyed sipping prosecco and coffee, and had a blast trying on all the fabulous pieces that Tracy brought.

Anna ~ Tracy ~ Selena ~ and...Alcatraz

Stella & Dot is a company inspired by and created for strong women living amazing and ordinary lives with extraordinary grace and style. The company provides a flexible career that is the modern home-based business for our times. Tracy, who came from an advertising background, realized quickly how hard the stress of a full time, out-of-home, job was on her life as a new mom. With Stella & Dot, she can work on her own schedule and make a great living at the same time! We had a blast connecting with Tracy and are looking forward to our second annual San Francisco jewelry party next year!

Our friend Katie and our lovely Mom Susan

Our favorite city... San Francisco

We love a good story behind any business. When we pack up our Annie & Isabel gowns for mailing, we include a card with the story behind each gown and it makes us smile every time. These women who made us who we are today and who inspired us have now come back into our lives in memory. Stella & Dot also has a story behind its name which we love! Here is what Founders Jessica Herrin and Blyth Harris have to say about their company name and story,

"Named after our grandmothers, Stella & Dot honors the generation of women who sailed across oceans, went to work, raised children, got to vote, baked pies, and did it all with style and grace. They are proof of just how much a woman can accomplish in a lifetime, and now, it's our turn. We are a company inspired-by and created-for strong women like you."

Selena's favorite purchase

Anna's favorite purchase

I placed my order for mostly "free" jewelry because of the wonderful hostess rewards that I received by hosting a Stella & Dot party. I had no idea about these amazing hostess benefits... Tracy seriously had me at "girls night out"! The day my order was delivered to my house, I was working at the hospital in San Francisco. It was one of those crazy days in the ICU where you felt like you burned 1,000 calories! After my long drive from San Francisco to my home in Sacrament, I was pleasantly surprised to find such treat waiting for me (see below)... I couldn't wait to get up the next day and don my new jewels! I have pretty much worn something I bought from Tracy every day since and I am constantly getting compliments on my Stella & Dot jewelry. If we didn't have 6 boys between us, jobs in the hospital, and were busy running Annie & Isabel.. Stella & Dot might just have a new stylist or two on their hands!

To look at all the beautiful jewelry Tracy and Stella & Dot has to offer you can shop HERE I just placed my second order with Tracy and I had my jewelry within 3 days! Thanks Tracy for everything... especially making these mommies look like they have time to shop!!!


  1. I thank Toni at too for our connection, and now friendship. That is what is so exciting about Stella & Dot. I have made so many wonderful friends and relationships. Thank you Selena and my friend and fellow Stylist is now LOVING an Annie & Isabel gown for her first baby girl due next month. Thanks again, I enjoy you and being able to connect via social media!

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