Monday, September 27, 2010

Another New Baby and Happy Mama in Two Annie & Isabel Hospital Gowns

We just received a beautiful testimonial from a friend of mine from nursing school. This is Melody with her husband, Nhan, and their precious little baby boy. I remember not long after she got pregnant, she contacted me saying how she HAD to have an Annie & Isabel hospital gown....or two..... for her delivery!!! She told me that, being a nurse, she knows what gets on those standard hospital gowns and how relieved she was that we came up with this company because now she wouldn't have to wear a yucky old hospital gown for her delivery. Melody had the unfortunate experience of spending a couple days in the hospital early on in her pregnancy and ended up on bedrest for a long time prior to her delivery so she got lots of use out of her gowns.

Please click HERE to read Melody's testimonial and see more pictures!!

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