Monday, November 7, 2011

The "Annie" Hospital Gown Brings Comfort During a Tough Pregnancy and Hospital Stays

Today's testimonial comes from Michelle who is a friend and co-worker of mine.  Michelle is an Emergency Room nurse and knows, first hand, how terrible standard hospital gowns are. She was excited to purchase her own Annie & Isabel gown well before her sweet little daughter was born. It was a good thing Michelle ordered her gown early, because, unfortunately she had some unexpected hospital stays during her pregnancy.

Michelle picked the "Annie" designer hospital gown to wear during her hospital stays and gave us a very nice testimonial below:

"I wanted to let you know how much I loved having my gown for my hospital stays during my pregnancy.  I was admitted a couple times during my pregnancy due to preeclampsia and it was hard to be away from my young son and husband; especially not having my baby yet to keep me occupied.  It was really nice to have a hospital gown that I was comfortable in, and that smelled like home during those stays.  I got so many compliments from nurses, doctors, and other patients during my stays and while being stuck on bedrest in the hospital was hard, it made me feel a bit better being able to wear something of my own style and that I knew was clean.  The gown was wonderful during the frequent fetal monitoring.  It was also great to wear after the birth of my daughter.  I loved having the snaps on the sleeves to help with pumping and since my little one was in the NICU I had to pump often.  The pocket was wonderful to put my camera and cellphone in during my visits to see my daughter.  I will definitely recommend these gowns to my friends - it's so nice to wear something of your own during hospital stays, and the gowns are perfectly designed for monitoring, breastfeeding, pumping, and walking to and from your room while maintaining modesty."

Congratulations and thank you Michelle!!! Your new family of four is beautiful. 

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