Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions from HowToBeADad {Giveaway}

In keeping with the dad theme and Father's Day being just around the corner, our next giveaway is from our favorite blogging dads……HowToBeADad! We've followed these fun, crazy, and silly dads for quite some time and they never fail to make us smile and laugh on a daily basis.

As nurses, we can't help but LOVE this diagram...

These dads are amazingly talented at putting people into a happy, silly mood with their creative writing, fun adventures, interesting diagrams, and their most recent accomplishment of writing a book!! So…our next giveaway is their new book, "The Guide To Baby Sleep Positions".

Anybody who has had a baby has most likely had the experience of having their baby/child sneak into bed during the middle of the night and making the sleeping experience, well, let's just say, interesting! HowToBeADad captures all the fun of "snuggling" with your kids in bed in this new book.  Here is one example which they call "The Roundhouse Kick". Can anyone relate??

We are giving away TWO of these books!! They would make a great Father's Day gift and the book is guaranteed to make everyone laugh.  Good luck!

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To purchase a book, click HERE.

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