Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glowing Mom and Glowing Testimonial

We just received these amazing photographs and testimonial from Gina, who recently gave birth to her second child... a baby girl! What a beautiful family!

"Can I please announce to the world how much I loved my Annie & Isabel gown! I never thought a gown could make such a difference in a hospital stay until I wore the Anita gown during my second child's delivery. Being 5'2'' I had a difficult time being comfortable during my first labor and delivery. Having a gown that was not a one size fits all was a gift! I did not have any extra material to get tangled in and I was covered in all the appropriate places. The design was joyful and I received so many compliments while wearing it. This was extremely helpful during my 25 hours of labor. The Anita pattern and colors worked like a charm when I was in need of a focus point. Looking back, I wish I had two for my hospital stay. I had my mother take it home, wash it, and return it to me as fast as she could. Even after a few washed, the gown was as good as new. Nursing was comfortable and easy with the shoulder snaps. I did not have to worry about my gown while visitors came to meet our newest member of the family. I loved it so much; I will be gifting one to all my mom-to-be friends!"

Thanks Gina! We are so happy that you were able to have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in your Anita gown! Congratulations on your precious new addition!

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