Monday, October 4, 2010

Becky Gives Birth In The Isabel Designer Hospital Gown

When we saw the maternity session on Brenda Bisharat's blog of this beautiful family... we were SO curious as to what Becky was going to have! As most of you know, between the two of us sisters, we have 6 boys! Actually, our parents have 8 grandsons because our brother John has 2 boys too! Every one of our pregnancies our Mom went out and bought a dress... well, now there is a closet full of girl clothes and we almost have a baseball team!!! Not to offend anyone, but when people are having their second baby... and of course they are having a boy after a girl.. or visa versa.. we can't stand when they say.. we have "one of each.. now we're done!" We both wanted big families.. so, really the sex of the baby didn't matter.. But, that takes us back to Becky... we were so curious when we saw her maternity session
with Brenda Bisharat that we were stunned to find out she and her husband weren't finding out the sex of the baby!!! How could she have such willpower???

We LOVE these maternity pictures and Becky and Brenda were so gracious to share them with us for our website. Her boys are so adorable.. and they have no idea what is in store for them...

A baby SISTER!!!!

Brenda Bisharat, voted Sacramento's #1 KCRA A list photographer, loves to photograph births. We were both fortunate to have her at the births of our last two boys. Brenda gifts one of our Annie & Isabel designer hospital gowns to her moms-to-be, making our gown a beautiful background to her amazing photographs.

Here is what Becky said about wearing our Isabel designer hospital gown,

"I love, love, loved wearing my SPECIAL gown. I received so many compliments from the hospital staff and visitors. Being a nurse myself, it made me feel so refreshed in a beautiful gown, and not a grungy old hospital gown that had been used a thousand times! When SHE came out it was a definite surprise and a wonderful moment wearing my Annie & Isabel gown holding my precious little GIRL! 11 weeks later I still look at her in shock that she is MINE."

Congratulations Becky! Thank you for sharing your wonderful birth story with us.

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  1. im so glad i found out about your gowns, sadly i dont think ill be able to get one out to me before i get induced next wednesday but i will for sure recommend you to the moms that watch my videos!!! stay wonderful!!