Monday, October 4, 2010

In October... We Remember Our Grandmother Elizabeth

October is breast cancer awareness month. As many of you know, we have named all of our hospital gowns after very special and influential women in our lives. Our Elizabeth gown is named after our paternal Grandmother Elizabeth. She was strong, brave, and resiliant during her battle with breast cancer. She was a fighter and refused to ever stop planning for her future. She was also very stylish throughout her life and she would have loved to have had her very own designer hospital gown. She was a beautiful woman inside and out.

Here she is stunning as always...

We wanted to have a gown in honor of breast cancer that will make the women who wear it feel beautiful during such times that can challenge femininity. We both teared up when one of the first women to wear our Elizabeth gown wrote to us and said she actually felt beautiful on the day she had her mastectomy. We can't imagine the fear one might feel on the day you lose your breasts. To think she felt this way validates every reason we started Annie & Isabel. We know that our Elizabeth gown will give women battling breast cancer back their dignity and style on their journey to becoming a survivor.

Since we are a fairly new company, we have not announced who we are donating a portion of our proceeds from our Elizabeth gown to yet. We will be doing another post about this! We have a small sum of proceeds to donate and hope some day that it will be a large sum. We need everyone to spread the word about our company and suggest our gowns to anyone trying to help someone fight this battle. Every dollar counts in helping find a cure and we hope to donate many dollars with the help of you. We all can make a difference together by helping a special woman feel beautiful and find a cure. We have even had two beautiful young moms wear our Elizabeth gown for the birth of their daughters in honor of their mothers... both breast cancer survivors! How great is that?!

During October, we will be featuring two inspiring women who are wearing the Elizabeth gown for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. We share these stories in hopes that it gives strength and hope to other women and men fighting this disease and to inspire people to rally and become involved in finding a cure for breast cancer. If you have worn one of our gowns for breast cancer we would love to share your story too.

Let us find THE cure.

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