Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emmitt & Pat Smith Celebrate the Birth of Their Son with an Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown!!

We have an exciting testimonial to share with you. As some of you may remember, Annie & Isabel was featured on Dallas' #1 morning radio show, The Gene and Julie Show by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman back in August. You can listen to this broadcast here:

About a month later, we received an email from Kimberly Whitman as she wanted to gift a gown to Pat Smith. Kimberly told us that Pat Smith was her good friend and was married to football Hall of Fame member, Emmitt Smith!! How exciting is that??!! Pat Smith is famous all on her own too. She was the first African American woman to win the title of Miss Virginia in 1993 and was the 1st runner up in the Miss USA pageant in 1994. You can see why, too, as she is beautiful!!

Pat Smith has many talents as well. She is the CEO and founder of an organization called "Treasure You". In Pat's own words, "Treasure You is all about building a community that supports, inspires and celebrates women in their journey to discover their self worth." You can find out more about this organization here: TREASURE YOU

Pat and Emmitt Smith also run their own charity, the "Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities" which works to create educational experiences and enrichment opportunities for underserved children.

In talking with Kimberly Whitman, we were trying to figure out which hospital gown Pat would like. She would obviously look beautiful in any of our hospital gowns but we knew there was one in particular that just seemed to be perfect for her....The Susan.

Fortunately, she LOVED it too. She wore it during the delivery of her son, Elijah Alexander James, born September 22, 1010. He weighed in at 6lbs and 6oz and was 19 inches long.

Here is what Pat Smith had to say about her experience in her very own Annie & Isabel hospital gown:

"I received a wonderful gift of an Annie & Isabel Susan hospital gown from my dear friend Kimberly before the birth of my second son, Elijah. What a difference the stylish black and pink zebra pattern gown made during my hospital stay! Many of us can feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in front of visitors in a standard gown, but these designer gowns offer a fabulous alternative. I never felt more comfortable and beautiful in the hospital before. Annie & Isabel gowns are a perfect gift and an awesome way for new moms to feel "treasured" during their hospital stay."

Congratulations Pat & Emmitt on your beautiful family!!

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