Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Great Grandma Annie!

"Annie & Isabel" was named after our maternal great-grandmother Annie and our maternal grandmother Isabel. We were so blessed to have them both in our lives and had childish dreams of naming our future daughters after these amazing and influential women. Six boys later, between the two of us, we have honored them by naming our business after them.

Today would have been our Great Grandmother Annie's 111th birthday! Born February 10th, 1900, Annie Maciel was born so prematurely that her mother had all her handkerchiefs washed in order to be ready to grieve for the expected loss of their little Annie. We can't imagine what this world would have been like without her! She made an indelible mark on many peoples lives and hearts in her long life of hard work and dedication to her family. Annie lived a vivacious and full life for almost a century leaving us just before her 98th birthday. We were so lucky to have a great-grandmother who played an active role in our lives.

Grandma Annie & Anna baking a birthday cake... she always saved a little in the bowl:)

Because Grandma Annie's birthday was always before Valentines Day, we often decorated for her birthday parties with pink Valentine decor. It is for this reason that we thought it fitting to name our pink designer hospital gown with black polka dots after her. We had no idea it would become our most popular hospital gown. We are sure she has something to do with this as we know she is smiling and giggling about it from up above.

Annie was born to immigrant parents and lived at a time when nothing came easy. Life was never taken for granted and with hard work came reward. Annie's whole focus in life was to love and serve her family. She gave us the values of the past. She was spunky, selfless, and fun!

We have so many great memories of her and we thought it would be fun to share some in the pictures below.

Grandma Annie was often found in the kitchen preparing meals for the family.

Grandma Annie & Anna picking tomatoes in the field.

Anna and Grandma Annie washing our family dog Jingle.

Grandma Annie & Selena ~ She always had LOTS of love to give!

Taking a rare break from the "work that needs to be done" with Selena.

Only Grandma Annie would be out weeding the yard in her Sunday best!

3 amazing namesakes to our designer hospital gowns...
from L to R ~ Grandma Isabel, our mother Susan, and Grandma Annie

Holidays were always spent together with Grandma Annie in the kitchen...
Grandma Isabel, Grandma Annie, and Aunt Anita

Now you can see why Grandma Annie was such an influential part of our lives and why we honor her today and always through our business. We think it has been amazing to have customers actually pick our "Annie" hospital gown because of how our Grandma Annie led her long life.

On our website you can read the "Stories Behind the Gowns" to read more about our Grandma Annie and all the other beautiful and amazing women our gowns are named after.

Happy Birthday Grandma Annie!
We will always remember and love you...


  1. I LOVE LOVE that last picture. It looks like Grandma Annie had such a personality. What luck that she was a part of your life! Your gowns are gorgeous!

  2. I just ran into your site from SITS. Great idea to put this on the web. We made ones for my younger sister when she was hospitalized for chemo visits. Children love designer gowns.

  3. Stopping over from SITS! I love the gowns -- maybe I'll need one again one of these days :)