Monday, August 8, 2011

Christine Welcomes Another Precious Boy to Her Bunch in The Susan Designer Hospital Gown

Christine recently wore our Susan designer hospital gown for the birth of her 3rd boy! We love that she chose to celebrate the occasion in our wildly chic Susan gown, because.. well... as fellow mom's to ALL seemed to fit the occasion perfectly. Christine is a friend of ours and a wonderful mother to her precious boys. She took advantage, being a local Sacramento client, of the partnership we have with Bisharat Photography... as you can see by these beautiful moments captured in these photographs! If you are local to the Sacramento area, read about our partnership HERE. The gift of an Annie & Isabel hospital gown to a mom-2-be in Sacramento, is more than making the mother look and feel fabulous... it is about gifting them the opportunity of lasting memories to cherish with a complimentary hospital session from Bisharat Photography.

Here is what Christine said about her experience wearing the Susan hospital gown for the birth of her son,

"When I found out I was pregnant for the third time, I knew I needed an Annie & Isabel hospital gown. Being able to put on my own gown, that no one else had worn before made me feel so beautiful and special. When I arrived at the hospital I was already in labor so as soon as my third son Ayden was born, I went to clean up and put on my "Susan" gown. When I came out of the bathroom the nurses and midwife all asked me where I got such a beautiful gown and I told them about Annie & Isabel. One nurse mentioned that she had another mother who also wore one a few months back! They all thought it was such a great idea and I completely agree. Being able to unbutton both sleeves for skin to skin contact and breast feed without having to take off the whole gown completely was worth it. I hope my next designer hospital gown is a shade of pink!"


 Boys.... Boys.... fun!

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