Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dad-2-Be Joe Goes Shopping For The Perfect Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown

It is always fun when a husband purchases an Annie & Isabel designer hospital gown for his wife.  When we first met Joe, we were displaying our hospital gowns at Sacramento Magazine's,  the "Best of Sacramento" event. We were thrilled to be chosen by this popular local magazine as the "The Best Gift for the Expectant Mom".

Joe's wife, Becky, is the Marketing Director for Sacramento Magazine and was one of the main coordinators of the "Best of Sacramento Magazine" event.  She also happened to be pregnant!  She made sure to bring her husband by our booth and subtly let him know which Annie & Isabel hospital gown was her favorite. 

A few weeks later, we were in contact with Joe as he wanted to surprise his wife with an Annie & Isabel hospital gown for Christmas.  He came over to our office and what a joy it was to meet him.  This was their first child and you could see the excitement in his eyes and the love he has for his wife...which was so sweet to see!

We received lovely testimonials from both Joe & Becki and they were also fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the partnership we have with Brenda Bisharat Photography who took some amazing pictures of their new family in the hospital.

Here is what Joe had to say about his experience purchasing an Annie & Isabel hospital gown:

"After seeing the Annie and Isabel gowns at Best of Sacramento, my wife had implied as to which one she would like if we were to get one for our daughter's delivery.  (We were 4 months pregnant at the time) I purchased the gown as one of my wife's Christmas presents.  Upon opening it Christmas morning, my wife said "look baby girl, now I'm ready for delivery."

I worked with Anna and Selena from the company and they helped me to pick the right size and confirmed that I had ordered the right print.

Enclosed was an offer for Brenda Bisharat Photography to come to the hospital and do a free photo shoot with our newborn.  She was so amazing and was able to capture many amazing photos.  We wound up buying quite a few pictures from her because we liked so many but it was definitely difficult to narrow our selection down!"

Here is what Becky shared about her experience with her "Evelyn" Annie & Isabel hospital gown:

"We found out we were expecting about the same time I first learned about Annie and Isabel gowns.  A few months later, I saw them in person and my husband and I loved them.  I quickly decided which one I wanted to wear when I delivered our daughter.

One of the gifts I opened on Christmas morning was the Annie & Isabel gown.  I was so excited that I tried it on right away and "modeled" it for my husband.  As we neared out due date, it was one of the first things I packed to bring to the hospital.

When I went into active labor, I decided I'd save the gown for after the delivery.  It was so nice to shower and put on my beautiful gown that smelled fresh out of the dryer and hold our daughter, Cleo.  It was so soft and comfortable, as well.  I recommend your gowns to everyone!"

"My husband called Brenda Bisharat Photography to arrange for her to come to the hospital and take pictures.  I am so glad we took advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  We wouldn't have these first photos as a family and Brenda captured moments that would otherwise just be a memory.  The complimetary 5x7 is beautiful and there were so many great images, we ordered several more.  We even used these for the birth announcement (which I'll hopefully have mailed out before Cleo is in Kindergarten).

Thanks again!!"

~Becki, Sacramento, CA

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