Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Connie Welcomes Beautiful Baby Boy in the Anita Hospital Gown

We just love sweet baby boys and when a new mom is celebrating the birth of her third son, we get SO excited for her! Boys are all that we know. Between the two of us we have six of them, so we know that the bond between brothers is a magical thing. We received this beautiful testimonial and pictures from Connie. She looks radiant in her Anita designer hospital gown! We want to thank Connie for sharing this special memory and gorgeous family of boys with all of us!!!   

"There is something special about being able to wear a hospital gown that makes you feel beautiful at a time where you may feel a bit out of sorts. We have three wonderful boys, but I was only fortunate to wear an Annie & Isabel gown on the last go around. What a difference it makes to be wearing something that you feel good in. Thank you so much for adding to the beauty of the experience of having a child and I look forward to sharing Annie & Isabel with friends and family." ~ Connie

Congrats Connie!!  You have a beautiful family.

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