Thursday, March 22, 2012

From Life Threatening Injuries To An Inspiring Story of Love & Journey Towards Recovery ~ Feel Better Campaign Recipient

We are so happy to introduce Julie McClure, our latest recipient of a Feel Better Campaign nomination. She was nominated by Pat, a family friend, after she survived a major car accident on December 17th. Julie has an amazing story of survival that we'd like to share and want everyone to join us as her cheerleaders as she undergoes her seventh surgery today! 

Julie Anna Robson and Michael McClure were married on August 6th, 2011. They both work for Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Julie is a registered nurse, a nursing instructor, and is working on her nurse practitioner degree. Julie is a compassionate and selfless people lover. She has taken several medical mission trips to South America and Africa to use her skills to help those in need. Her dream is to one day travel to many different lands to share her faith with people in need through the use of her medical skills.

On December 17th, 2011 at 9:47pm, while driving down US 231 outside of Troy Alabama, they were struck by another vehicle which was out of control and traveling at high speed. Michael survived with injuries to his left arm, back, and ribs. He was treated and released within a few days. Julie sustained multiple life threatening injuries as the other vehicle struck her side of the car. She was resuscitated twice on the scene and was life flighted to two different hospitals. Since then, she has survived 6 major surgeries on her left arm and both of her legs. She still has one major surgery to go today, March 22nd. 

The doctors and nurses have been amazed at Julie's joyful spirit and her will to recover. The next four months of her life will be spent in a hospital bed at home while recovering through intense therapy. Julie is thankful to God to be alive and believes that through the prayers and support of her family and friends all around the world, she will walk and use her left arm again! 

We are honored to welcome Julie as our latest Feel Better Campaign recipient and would like to encourage all of our amazing readers to follow along with Julie as she climbs this hill and goes on to do the great things she is clearly destined to accomplish. She is a warrior. She is a survivor. She is amazingly beautiful inside and out. Follow her Facebook page HERE and send her a message of encouragement as she undergoes surgery today.

Besides the invaluable thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement you can send Julie's way... there is one more thing...

Julie's family informed us that she will be bed bound and in a hospital gown for the next 4 months! We sent Julie her first gown as our gift, and are establishing a "gown fund" for Julie. If you would like to purchase or contribute to Julie's gown fund - you can donate any amount of money in $5 increments to  purchase Julie Annie & Isabel gowns. Just put Julie's name in the "recipient name" field and our email address in the "recipients email" field {as shown below} and we will tally up Julie's donations and send her additional gowns. She has the swatches of all of our hospital gowns, so she can pick her next gown! We are going to contribute 15% of the cost of any additional gowns we are able to send to her through this special program. As you can see below, there is also an area to leave a message. If you would like us to include your own personal message with any gowns we send her, type it in the message area and we will send that with the gown. Anyone who joins us in donating to Julie's gown fund will receive a discount code for a future gown purchase for their own needs.

Julie has a long and difficult road of ahead of her in her recovery and we hope that you will feel inclined to "Pay It Forward" to an amazing woman who we can guarantee will also "Pay It Forward" to many others in her lifetime.  

  Click HERE to donate to Julie's hospital gown fund.

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  1. The car was almost cut in half! That must've been a death-defying car accident experience. They're lucky to have survived. We can't really can tell when an accident will happen, because no matter how careful we are, if other people are not cautious on the road, accidents are likely to occur. I hope they got the justice that they deserved after the accident.
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