Monday, March 12, 2012

A Husband's Gift of Love and Style For His Wife Who Struggles with Parkinson's

We always think it so special when a loving husband purchases one...two.. or several...of our Annie & Isabel designer hospital gowns for their wife. THEY GET IT! They understand that all women really do feel better when they look better! We first "met" Ronnie when he emailed us about his lovely wife, Suzanne, who is living in a care center due to complications from Parkinson's disease. He won over our hearts with the love he has for his Suzanne. We asked him if he would share how having the Annie & Isabel designer hospital gowns has made a difference for them and this is what he said:

"I am in receipt of the two hospital gowns I purchased for my wife.  They are great.  The care center she is in provides, (standard), gowns for nightly use. On bath mornings, for convenience, they use a fresh gown with a couple of small throws I have provided, as dress for breakfast. I was looking for something "more stylish" for these occasions, and indeed found it with your product. 

I had originally brought a "heavy" terry cloth robe from a nice hotel years ago. As her Parkinson's has progressed and caused her body to be rigid that she is no longer able to stand, sit (except in a wheel chair), making it very difficult for the aids to put the robe on with her arms in the sleeves. 

I must tell you, the aids compliment me on how nice the gowns are. They are very easy to care for, just wash/dry and put on a hanger. I have decided I am going to your site and ordering one of each size in various colors. Not for Suzanne, but for friends and family who I normally send flowers, I will now give them a gown for after a surgery or whatever. These will look much better up and down the hall.

The gowns are great and I will let all know of your product! A happy customer!!!"


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