Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Battling Thyroid Cancer for the Second Time ~ A True Warrior

Today's testimonial is near and dear to my heart because this Annie & Isabel warrior is fighting thyroid cancer which, as many of you know, I recently fought these last few months.  She was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in 2011 and had surgery to remove her thyroid and then received treatment for the cancer shortly after her surgery. Thyroid cancer, unfortunately, can be a pesky cancer and doesn't always like to go away completely.  When Janelle had her annual routine body scan this year, the doctors discovered that her thyroid cancer was back in some lymph nodes in her neck. 

Janelle recently required another surgery to remove the affected lymph nodes.  According to her good friend, Lynn, who purchased her the "Evelyn" Annie & Isabel gown, Janelle has had an amazing attitude throughout this second bout of thyroid cancer.  You can see this bright attitude shine through in her beautiful smiles in the pictures below!!

Janelle just prior to surgery

Janelle just after surgery...still smiling
Today Janelle received her radioactive iodine pill that will hopefully kill any remainder thyroid cancer cells. This treatment period is one of the most difficult and challenging times, both physically and mentally, in fighting thyroid cancer.  The treatment itself can make you feel nauseated, tired and achy and it also requires isolation away from family.  She will be away from her husband and children for about a week.  We would love if you could keep Janelle in your thoughts and prayers over this next week.  Our greatest hope and wish for Janelle is that this treatment will, once and for all, kill this cancer and allow Janelle to live a healthy full life with her family.

Her friend Lynn wrote us this very nice testimonial:

"When my dear friend, Janelle, told me she was having surgery for thyroid cancer, you instantly came to mind.  I adore this woman as if she were my sister and knew a gown from Annie and Isabel would bring her cheer during a challenging time.  I had Janelle pick her gown from your website and was delighted when she chose the "Evelyn" (since she would have a little "Lynn" by her side at all times.). Janelle loved the meaning behind Evelyn and so do I:

"When Evelyn walked in a room, you could feel her optimistic and happy presence.  She loved to laugh and we laughed with her."

Evelyn could not have been more fitting for Janelle as she radiates positive energy wherever she goes.  Thank you for the opportunity to wrap Janelle in a gift of love and beauty."

~ Lynn Visser, Loomis, CA


  1. Janelle has an amazing spirit and is an inspiration to everybody who knows her. She has faith, optimism, and a genuine kindness that will get her through this with strength and determination. I love the story behind the gown

  2. Hi Janelle, my name is also Janelle. I live in Australia and have thyroid cancer, stage 4. I ha my thyroid removed in February 2012 and Im waiting to have my radioactive iodine pill in July.
    I truely admire you and understand exactly what you are going through.
    Love you and sending you my best wishes for a speedy recovery and positive outcome.
    love Janelle Robbins, Australia,