Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Comfort of an Annie & Isabel Hospital Gown for an Emergency C-Section

We get this question all the time...

"Will I be able to wear my Annie & Isabel hospital gown for a c-section?"

We can't say for sure if your hospital will allow you to wear your own gown, but many of our Annie & Isabel customers have worn them for c-sections. Annie & Isabel gowns are actually the perfect hospital bag item if you are scheduled to have a c-section. Post-op, the frequent incision checks are that much easier, as is skin to skin bonding, and nursing. Most women just aren't ready to wear clothes immediately after abdominal surgery. Regardless, every new mother deserves to look stylish, be comfortable, and stay dignified postpartum in your own hospital gown!

Jenn was wearing her Anita designer hospital gown the minute she laid eyes on her beautiful son Nolan. Jenn had been admitted to the hospital early due to complications and we worked with her thoughful husband to get her an Annie & Isabel gown. We were so happy and relieved to hear of baby Nolan's arrival!

This is what Jenn had to say about her experience wearing an Annie & Isabel designer hospital gown during her c-section and recovery,
"My husband bought me an Annie & Isabel gown after being admitted for bleeding with placenta previa at 34 weeks knowing I would be in the hospital until our baby boy had arrived. I was on complete bed rest for 4 days in the hospital until the bleeding became uncontrolled. That's when they rushed me to the OR to do an emergency c-section. My baby boy was 35 weeks. He is our little miracle baby! I was so happy to have such a beautiful gown to wear while I was in the hospital. It made the super uncomfortable days seem a little brighter!!! Thank you Annie & Isabel for your dedication to provide beautiful gowns!"
Jenn Moore

Jenn is also the owner of Jenn's Bebe Boutique. We just drool over her adorable custom bows, headbands, and tutus! Yes, we are the mamas to six boys, but how can you not buy these bows for our friends daughters?! We LOVE to support mom owned businesses and would love it if you would too!

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