Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After A Tragic Loss Jami Welcomes Baby Shailo

We have been blessed with so many friendships created through our business. One friendship we cherish is with Jami of the blog Colour Her Hope. We first "met" her when she was pregnant with her second child Eisley. She blogged beautifully about her complicated pregnancy with Eisley and we, along with her many readers, friends, and family, stood by her side as Eisley went to be with Jesus on September 14th, 2010. Jami blogged through her most intimate feelings of sadness, grief, and healing truly capturing the hearts of so many. We kept her in our daily thoughts and prayers and she continues to amaze us with her strength and grace. 

We were so happy to hear that Jami was going to be blessed with another beautiful child after the loss of her baby girl Eisley. She blogged about her pregnancy again and told us she wanted to purchase an Annie & Isabel hospital gown. She couldn't decide on her favorite, so she enlisted the help of her readers in this post here. As you can see from the beautiful moments captured below, the Anita gown was the winner as she welcomed baby boy Shailo Valour on November 8, 2011!

                                                                                                                                                    "I felt so pretty in my Annie & Isabel hospital gown. And... oh my word did I receive so many comments about how beautiful and unique my gown was from family, friends, and nurses! One day I even had a nurse pull in a few more ladies just to show off my gown to them. Thank you so much for starting Annie & Isabel and blessing so many of us with your stunning designs."

-Jami of color her {hope}

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  1. Wonderful photographs and congratulations to Jami. It is so nice to have a bit of control during the tricky situations at the hospital – clearly, you’re gowns brings more than good looks to those who wear them!