Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Men…We've Got You Covered….Soon!

We are excited to finally announce that our "Man Gown" is close to becoming a reality!! We have been working hard on our design and are currently in the process of working with our manufacturer to make, what we hope to be, our final samples. We, as nurses, know that men need to be covered just as much as women so we just can't wait to make that happen.

We were recently able to share one of our samples with a friend whose fiance recently had to undergo a heart procedure so we thought we would tease you all with some pics of one of two designs we will be making for the man gown.

So….our first testimonial for our man gown from my good friend and co-worker, Robin:

"My love, my warrior, Scott Hyatt, is our area bomb squad commander. As soon as we learned that he needed a heart procedure, I thought of Annie & Isabel, a designer hospital gown company owned by my friend and coworker, Anna Ryan and her sister. I called to inquire about the new men's gowns they were designing, and she was able to produce this amazing camouflage gown. How perfect for my man who goes to work in his ACU fatigues, right?!  

At first, Scott was a skeptic, but the gown fit like a dream, the fabric was quality, the construction sturdy, it wraps around so that his goods aren't flashed, and there was a pocket - which he loved!!

The hospital gown they put him in post procedure didn't have a telemetry pocket, and his wires and cords kept pulling it down and over. As you can see, the Annie and Isabel men's gown has the telemetry pocket with a slit under....so he's all tucked in!! Sometimes I think men can be more prone to a sense of vulnerability in the hospital setting, especially when they are the ones that are used to saving the world. I really felt his demeanor change when I slipped this gown on him. 

We love you Anna, and are so grateful for Annie and Isabel for making my EOD Commander's hospital stay so much more comfortable."

Men.....We've Got You Covered!!

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