Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Gift Of An Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gown

We received this very nice testimonial from Breigh. She loves Annie & Isabel hospital gowns so much that she bought two for herself and purchased them for several of her pregnant friends.....and they are always a big hit! Thanks for keeping all your friends stylish, comfortable and dignified Breigh!!

"My name is Breigh. I have 4 children ages 5 months, 2 years, 3 1/2 years, and 6 years; 2 girls and 2 boys. During my hospital stay with my first three children, I felt so utterly exposed and self-conscious every time I would have to go to the restroom or get something from a bag, etc etc. I would drape another gown backwards in hopes of covering myself. It was only a matter of weeks before delivering my third child that I found Annie and Isabel designer gowns, and I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately I was unable to attain one before delivering.  

When I conceived my fourth child, I told my husband I was definitely getting a gown for the birth. In March I ordered 4 gowns; 2 for a friend and 2 for me. 

Breigh in her "Annie" gown
In June I gave birth to my second son and as soon as I was over the worst of the "messiness" I put on my first gown. Immediately the compliments started!!! I always feel as though I look horrible, what with the weight gain, water retention, fatigue etc, but wearing my gown, and being told how beautiful I looked in my wonderful self esteem soared! I had nurses come in and upon seeing my gown would flag down more nurses just to show them.

Breigh with her husband in her "Isabel" gown
I raved about the amazing ladies at Annie and Isabel and gave out the web address more than a dozen times because many of the older nurses had daughters about to have babies and wanted to look into the gowns once seeing them. 

I had many visitors and did not have to worry about my body showing or revealing any parts. I also nurse, therefore having the snaps on the shoulders gave such easy access, and allowed for easy 'skin-to-skin' time. My gowns were so much more comfortable than the stiff, scratchy, hospital issued gowns and really added to my entire experience. 

Baby brother meets his siblings
I also continued to wear my gowns once home. It was nice having a gown that made certain feminine routines so much easier as well as easy nursing in the middle of the night. 

I have ordered a total of 6 gowns since March; the most recent being in November 2012. I gave another expectant mother a beautiful gown to make her look as beautiful as ever on her exciting, life-changing, and most important day she will have to experience. The look on her face at receiving the gown was priceless, and every woman at the shower oohed and awed over such a great gift. I will continue buying, supporting, and recommending these gowns from now on! Thank you ladies for boosting new mothers confidence and making us look beautiful during an exhausting, overwhelming, and magical moment." 

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