Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prayers For The Duffy Family

Help us in praying for the Duffy family who lost their beloved Pietra yesterday to non-smoker lung cancer. Brenda Bisharat photographed the Duffy family after Pietra's diagnosis last year and helped with a fundraiser for the Duffy family. You may have heard us talk about Pietra because her best friend is Ruby of Ruby Roxanne Designs. Ruby and Pietra were life long best girlfriends and Ruby designed "Peetie Love Cuffs" in honor of their friendship. We delivered an "Annie" hospital gown to the hospital 2 weeks ago for Ruby to give Pietra. When Ruby called to thank us, we loved hearing Pietra's giggle in the background. Let us all wrap our hearts and prayers around the Duffy family today. Here is Brenda's slideshow of Pietra and her family...We know you will be just as touched by the love this family shares as we are...

Pietra & Ruby


  1. Wow I just can't believe it has almost been a year since Peetie became an angel. Still hurts like it was just yesterday. I look at that picture of Peetie and I in her hospital bed and just start to giggle. We had so much fun together even though we were in the hospital. I stayed with her for three days and never had the chance to see her again. But I have this picture and many more to hold to. Boy did she feel like a Queen in her gown. Thanks again for posting this.

  2. This is from Shawn Duffy, Peetie's husband: Please thank Annie & Isabel for us. They made that dark and scary hospital stay a whole lot brighter and made her feel extra special. The gown even brightened her nurses day too. I am ...missing her so much these last few days and seeing this makes me smile a bit and gives me a memory of you two just being and couple of giggling girls having a little fun. Thank you Ruby ♥