Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meredith Wears Her "Susan" Annie & Isabel Designer Gown & It's A Hit With The Hospital Staff!

We are so happy to post this beautiful testimonial from Meredith, of San Francisco, in her Susan designer hospital gown as she welcomed her son Andrew into the world! Thank you Meredith for your kind words and we are so happy you loved wearing you OWN hospital gown for Andrew's debut!

"I knew I wanted to wear and Annie and Isabel gown for my second child's birth. I selected the Susan months before our baby was born and knew it would be just right for making me feel great during labor and delivery. When I checked into triage and asked my husband to help me put the gown on, the nurse came in and said, "Oh my goodness, that's the cutest gown I've ever seen. Where did you get it?" She proceeded to call in 3 other nurses and they all gushed about it. A few hours later, when the anesthesiologist arrived he said, "Did I miss the room where they're handing out the cool gowns today? Where did you get that?" Everyone who came into my room absolutely raved about the gown, and when I told them where I got the gown, they all said you should sell them at CPMC. Aside from everyone around loving it, I loved it. I knew I had washed my own gown, and that I could snuggle my newborn baby with a clean mommy hug. The nurses tried everything to keep it clean during delivery, and it was actually pretty clean even at the end. I love the photos from our son's birth and feel like I look so beautiful and happy in my gown. My dad is a doctor, and when he showed his colleagues the photos of our son's birthday, once again, all the doctors and nurses said, "Where did your daughter get that awesome gown?" Keep it up. You are making such a difference in making women feel comfortable and beautiful."

Just Precious!

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  1. I love your gowns. I wish I had thought to buy one for my daughter when she had her babies.

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