Monday, May 30, 2011

An Oklahoma Family's Heartbreak and Tragedy - PLEASE READ AND SHARE

Yesterday we received an email from Megan, who recently wore one of our hospital gowns for the birth of her 3rd child.  Megan lives in Oklahoma and shared a heart breaking story with us. Here is her email -   

"Hi Girls,
Not sure if you heard, but my state, Oklahoma, was hit with a round of tornadoes on Tuesday, May 24th. The little town of Piedmont was demolished. A mom, Catherine Hamil, got into the bath tub with her children Kathleen 5, Ryan 3, and Cole 15 months.  Her husband was out of town for business. I don't know if you are familiar with tornado safety, but growing up, we were all told to "go to the tub" for protection. Catherine put a mattress over them and, when the tornado hit their home, it sucked them out of the tub and literally tossed all four of them about. Their house was completely flattened and scattered to the foundation. The whole state is moved by this story. Her daughter Kathleen survived with serious injuries. Her son Cole died the following morning at the hospital. Her son Ryan was missing for 2 days and sadly was found deceased in a pond behind their house early Thursday morning. The mother Catherine, who is also 5 months pregnant, has had surgery for pelvic fractures.  My question is, I was wondering if you would donate a hospital gown for the mother? If not, could you cut me a sweet deal? I won't quit loving ya if you can't do it, but I thought I would ask:) Let me know if there is anything you need from me!
Thanks Girls, 

The Hamil Family
The Hamil Family

We are so thankful Megan wrote to us, because as most of you know, we just launched our Feel Better Campaign, in which we donate our designer hospital gowns to nominated and deserving recipients. Our mission in starting this program is to support people in need during difficult times. We hope, that by sending Catherine our hospital gowns, she can enjoy a bit of comfort during her upcoming birth and any upcoming hospital stays she may have to endure as a result of her injuries. As you read this story, we encourage you to share it with your friends, with the hope that together we can surround the Hamil family with our love and support.  Because of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, almost $40,000 has already been raised for the Hamil family. If you would like to support the Hamil family there are many ways to do so.  

Here are a few pictures of the damage that the Hamil family endured last Tuesday May 24th, 2011

The Hamil's home in Piedmont, Oklahoma before and after...
Refuge: The family home in Piedmont, Oklahoma, where Catherine Hamil and her three children sought refuge from the deadly tornado in a bath tub
Devastated: The Hamil family home was completely blown away when the tornado struck near Oklahoma City on Tuesday night

A heart wrenching video from after they found Cole's body.

"My little buddy': Father fights back tears as he reveals that missing three-year-old son has been found dead"


  1. You ladies are awesome. I LOVE you!

  2. OMG what a heartbreaking story! That poor mama :(

  3. husband works for a man who knows the Hamil family well, and we have been praying for them since the day of the tornado. I have shed many tears and said many prayers for this precious family! I am SO THANKFUL you posted ways for others to help this precious family. I am off to do that right now!

  4. Also Hearts of Choctaw, in Choctaw Oklahoma is taking donations for the Hamils.